Hi! Here's Candy! This blog is mostly of otome game I play and things I like. Don't hesitate to talk to me, or to ask me a question. PS: Je parle aussi le français.
disclaimer I don't own any image. They are properties of voltage inc. or solmare NTT or others name of otome I play :)
Heyy~ now that i got attached to otome i found your blog really help:) I wanna ask if there's any interesting otome games except Shall We Date series?

Hiiiii :)
I’m happy to be of an help with my tumblr! :333 
So 4 the games, you have 2 other companies who make incredible app too: Voltage inc. and Koyonplete. The one you are playing is Solmare NTT. (You can see most of these app on a screen shot I made of the otome app I have on my Ipad
There are small others company too, but I don’t know the names… whatever I upload all the games I know on the page I made “otome playable” )

I just wanted to ask if you are single. If not are you in love and happy with who you are with? I ask many people this same question. Because these games are all about love and passion. Thanks

Yes, I’m in a relationship :) I have a great bf ♥︎ We are extremely in love with each other. (srry to the anonymous who were interested xD)
Ps: these game aren’t really inclined towards passion and can u told me the results when u will finish the asking, I’m interested!

Yes a picture of you! ;) and a pic of me in return of course. Do you have an email or way I can send to you?

Hiiii :) You can send me picture as a suggestion. Also, I don’t share email with anonymous people, send me a private mssg plz, (I don’t want to receive any kind of weird mssg or proposition in my emailbox.)

Je vois une main dans le pic. Je peux envoyer une photo de ma main trop si c'est ce que vous voulez dame. ;) C'est beaucoup plus grand que votre Tho main. Vous devez être petite. Mais je serais ravi de vous laisser voir mon sourire et visage

hey :)
Navré de vous décevoir, mais je suis grande mtnt :) je mesure 1m68! Sinon, je serais ravie de recevoir votre photo.
and do u really talk french bcz u’re making some translating mistakes like : main trop =more hand \ Tho main = Tho/though hand?..

Love your page!! My friends think I'm fruity for loving this stuff. Oh well tho. So do you have any other pics of yourself that way maybe we can trade? ;)

Hello and thanks!
Fruity? why?
If my friends don’t really know these things,they can’t say anything to me or if they know I will reclaim myself as a goodness of otome and they just say I’m addicted to it ;p
Picture of myself for trade?


Thank you and I love you ♥︎
I got 300 followers :3 I am really happy! I wanted to do a give away but I don’t have anything to give D: If you have an idea, sent me a mssg :) It would be nice.

PS: my dear followers, I’m not someone bad… so try talking to me or just ask me something it’s making me happy to see I got a mssg :D