Hi! Here's Candy! This blog is mostly of otome game I play and things I like. Don't hesitate to talk to me, or to ask me a question. PS: Je parle aussi le français.

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Super happy

My iPad is back after 3weeks >.<
I’m so happy and I have so many otomes news to look at !!! T-T I’m like super happy the reading week is coming :) !
I hope your all enjoying yours days ~
Pinkstar, that will try to be more active -xox-

are you sure you dont want to black out your logins on animal boyfriend?

sorry… but it don’t really understand what you mean?

Hello there~ I saw in a post of yours that you've played Amiralo's Reverie: An odd sim date. I just want to ask something. Even though I click the 'Play' button, it won't start? Is there something that must be done first or like that? Thank you very much. :D

Helloo:3 how are you :)?
x) and yes, I had the same problem…
you can try to change the website you’re playing or click on the flower on the right bottom. Sometimes the flower doesn’t show itself very much and you must look carefully before clicking.
Hope it helped :) Have a great day!