Hi! Here's Candy! This blog is mostly of otome game I play and things I like. Don't hesitate to talk to me, or to ask me a question. My account on kik, Pinksecret11. PS: Je parle aussi le français.

disclaimer I don't own any image. They are properties of voltage inc. or solmare NTT or others name of otome I play :) Flag Counter 14/06/07 18:30 Canada hour
the photo you used for this page, what anime is it from? well if its in an anime.

It’s an otome game : The Second Reproduction.

I reached 400 followers :D i’m super happy *hug you all*

J’ai vue que j’ai quelques personnes de France et du Québec :3 Merci, de me suivre même si je poste en anglais :D

I will answers any question so don’t hesitate to ask me :)

I started a flag counter :3 I am somehow excited to see the count at the end of the month :)
Restart it bcz i didn’t had the number total of overview D:

Hi I made some sim dates, can you feature them here? They are called Reverie: An odd sim date and Where adabanas grow: an asian sim date.

Hi :)
I will do the feature when I finish the games. But are you really the creator of these games?!