Hi! Here's Candy! This blog is mostly of otome game I play and things I like. Don't hesitate to talk to me, or to ask me a question. My account on kik, Pinksecret11. PS: Je parle aussi le français.

disclaimer I don't own any image. They are properties of voltage inc. or solmare NTT or others name of otome I play :) Flag Counter 14/06/07 18:30 Canada hour
the photo you used for this page, what anime is it from? well if its in an anime.

It’s an otome game : The Second Reproduction.

I reached 400 followers :D i’m super happy *hug you all*

J’ai vue que j’ai quelques personnes de France et du Québec :3 Merci, de me suivre même si je poste en anglais :D

I will answers any question so don’t hesitate to ask me :)

I started a flag counter :3 I am somehow excited to see the count at the end of the month :)
Restart it bcz i didn’t had the number total of overview D:

Hi I made some sim dates, can you feature them here? They are called Reverie: An odd sim date and Where adabanas grow: an asian sim date.

Hi :)
I will do the feature when I finish the games. But are you really the creator of these games?!

Do you have other destiny ninjas that in suits like hyosuke,goyo or hyuga?

No, you can get picture of Hyuga, Hyosuke and Goyo by being in top 100 of the candy event. If you are in top 101 to 500 you get Hyosuke and Goyo picture only.
I don’t think I am able to be in top 100 sorry :/ I’m just ranked 489…
These pictures will be distributed the 9th June at 6:00pm (PTD).